The Power of a Positive Team

The Power of a Positive Team

Good morning and happy Monday!

Today I wanted to talk to you about “THE POWER OF A POSITIVE TEAM”.

Many think that you have to choose between positivity and winning. But the truth is you don’t have to choose. Positivity leads to winning.
Every now and then you hear a bunch of negative comments or someone complaining at work during meetings. My recommendation is to let them know that resisting the way forward is wasting energy that can be used in the implementation. If within your companies, you are getting ready to ensure that your financial performance meets standard in this last month or quarter then this is what we have to do, and if there is a negative comment keep it to yourself. Negativity affects morale and acceptance to new ideas more than you may realize. The more positivity we have as a team the better off we are going to be. As soon as I mention this in these situations, we all became closer and then we really start getting going and focused on the win. Be the good starter that prompts your team to success.

A team with talent can be good. But they must come together to be great. Positivity is the glue that enhances team connection and performance and it impacts office teams, school teams, church teams, and hospital teams as much as it does Sports teams.

I’ve seen very positive teams with average talent accomplish more than anyone thought possible. Lyndon Guisseppe from the Belize Bank once said, “I prefer to work with three mediocre people rather than one super intelligent person who tries to undermine and affect the integrity of the team”. And I believe this sincerely. I’ve also seen negative teams with a lot of talent accomplish far less than everyone thought was possible.

Positive teams work together more effectively. They stay positive, connected and committed through challenges. They maximize each other’s talent. They believe together and achieve more together.

Positive, high performing teams don’t happen by accident. They are built by leaders and team members who reduce the negative and add a big dose of positive. When you subtract negativity, and add positivity to your talent, the sky is the limit.

The great news is that you don’t have to be a football champion or a huge company to begin the process. You can be just like you and me. You can say enough with the negativity. Let’s get positive. Let’s get going. Show your leadership, today. Now

If you have an example of great teamwork or how you proactively diffuse negativity that you would like to share, I would love to hear your suggestion. Enjoy your week! Namaste.

With love,

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