Betrayal in leadership

Betrayal in leadership

Good morning and happy Monday!

Whenever I read the Bible I didn’t understand the huge deal made about the subject of betrayal. Over this past week as I continue a spiritual fast with some 60 strangers and friends across the country led by our fearless leader Marcia Mohabir it became a lot clearer.



the action of betraying one’s country, a group, or a person; treachery.
“the betrayal by the French of their own refugees”
disloyalty, treachery, badfaith, faithlessness, falseness, duplicity, deception, double-dealing;


Over this week I lost confidence in someone I held in high regard due to a blatant lie they told to exert power and influence to achieve something they wanted personally. It was an outright abuse of the office they hold. This was not a political post but the post of an educator, and in my mind the worst offense of betrayal. Educators are role models and examples to so many and can cause an erosion of generations by their lack of example to fellow educators in their direct circle of influence and the children in their care. This blatant disregard for leadership is often the beginning of a slippery slope of accountability, ownership and responsibility. We are all educators in some way or other as we impart knowledge and growth on a regular basis. My fear was that my children are being led by those I cannot trust. The reality is that it takes a village to raise a child and I must surround them and myself by those with vision, morals, clarity and a sense of focus.

This faith fast made me realize that although I was offended since the treachery was directed at me, that it was not about me as the impacts will be greater on the society. Knowledge of betrayal prepares you to create insulation for those who surround you and most importantly yourself. We cannot change others, but we can remain resolute in our trust, faith and commitment to a better world through guidance where we may. We are our brother’s keeper. We owe it to others as leaders to confront these issues and persons as some actions are done wittingly or unwittingly. The bible points out betrayal to remind us that we must learn to listen, but be skeptical, to forgive but mostly to guide mentor and ensure that we do not allow these behaviours to fester. This week I ask you to forgive someone or even yourself. It’s time to move on… Surround yourself with those of like thoughts and aspirations while being aware of those who are not.

Leaders do not take you where you want to go, they merely guide you along life’s way as your decisions are your own and they create your standards, habits, consequences, rewards and ultimately your outcomes. The lessons of life can be painful and pleasurable. The universe gives you what you give to it. Give what you want to get, we do reap what we sow after all. Use your decisions to attain your dreams and the kind of life you want, so that your legacy can live on.

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I look forward to seeing you all on May 4th, at Leadercast 2018 as we reinforce our leadership in a community of like minds. “Lead yourself”!


With love,