What's your one word?

What's your one word?

Good morning and happy Monday!

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this before but as I have been progressing in age, I have become a bit weary of heights. As a little girl, I often dreamt I was falling and this could well have been the start. This weekend I went to Tikal with my family and at the last moment as an example to my children, I decided I would challenge myself by climbing the tallest temple #4 all the way to the top. I will admit that I had no way to stop as there where others climbing behind me, so I had no recourse, and couldn’t turn back. I won’t lie and say it was pleasant, I still had a sickening feeling in my throat every time I saw some daredevil, especially Victor and the boys hover near the edge. The vista was beautiful, and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment was wonderful. I then realized that sometimes we need to leave our fears behind and join our dreams.

Each year I pick a word for the New Year that will inspire me to be my best. I started this practice five years ago. My new word was formed out of this experience – OVERCOME


Choose the word that will guide you towards your personal success in 2018. Dan Britton and Jimmy Page invented the “One Word” practice and have been doing it with their families for over twenty years.

My words over the years have been: PURPOSE, SURRENDER, SERVE, PRAY, FORGIVE and now OVERCOME.
Each word has moulded and shaped me to become a better person, mother, wife, writer and communicator. Looking back, I know my One Word chose me more often than I chose it just like the one for this year has.

It is also a fun team building exercise and much more effective than New Year’s resolutions. 9 out of 10 people will fail with their resolutions but One Word sticks. No goals. No resolutions. Just One Word that helps you write and create a yearly chapter in your life story. It is powerful.

In addition to One Word… Jimmy and Dan also thought of a different word that would have a profound impact on people’s lives and called it a life word. One Word that you pick each year. Your Life Word is a word you pick to leave a legacy during your life. Your Life Word may change but it’s not something you do yearly. It’s powerful because if you can identify your Life Word now it will inspire you to live your highest purpose and leave your greatest legacy.

For example, think about the words that capture the essence and legacy of some of history’s heroes. Perhaps George Price’s Life Word would have been Unity. Manuel Esquivel May be Integrity. Mother Theresa, Compassion. Mine is purpose.
We have taken a bunch of groups through this process of finding both a word for the year and a word for life and it has been exponentially purposeful and powerful.

So, this year I hope you join me in choosing one word for 2018 and a life word for your life.

Think of your One Word as your yearly chapter in your story and your Life Word as the title to inspire you to leave a legacy for others.
When you know your words, I would love to hear them. One of my favourite things is to hear people’s words and why they chose them. You can share your words with me and others today. Remember as human beings, we want to live, love, laugh and leave a legacy but can only do so if we communicate with HAIL – Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and with Love!

From all of us at Chamberlain Consulting, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Namaste with love!

Dionne Chamberlain Miranda

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